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Connect with Contributing Author, Erica Gifford Mills Author / Speaker – Balanced Symmetree

Erica Gifford Mills is an international empowerment, business and life coach. She is also the founder of Balanced Symmetree, created to help busy women open their hearts, let go of their pasts and find their passions to build and grow rooted lives. As seen in Apple News and Google News, she is one of the top 10 coaches for 2023.

Erica holds a double Masters in Human Resources and Management and is certified in life, business and empowerment coaching through the use of integrative, holistic and business leadership techniques.

She is a radio talk show host, speaker, and co-author in several books about leadership, finding and creating balance, and living one’s passion and purpose.

Erica’s signature series, The Rooted Life, and her live podcast, Get Rooted Radio, teach women to be heard and to live it up, love it up and let it go. She also volunteers locally and globally for women’s collectives and the USO. Erica currently lives in Wisconsin.