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The Transformation Network™ Reaches Over 165 Countries 

Our content focuses on solutions. Our audience is craving the tools needed to improve their lives. Topics range from personal development, to finances and spirituality. There is truly something here for everyone. With a vast library of 1000s of podcasts a simple search on topic gives you exactly what you are looking for.

Expanding to 10+ Dedicated Channels of All Positive Talk

Launching Soon! Stay tuned!

Interested in expanding your own voice? We work with transformational leaders to expand their messaging platforms through live radio, podcasts, videos, digital marketing, branding, and business development.

The Transformation Radio Network is designed to attract the Cultural Creatives, a mass multi-generational cultural and lifestyle market unparalleled in U.S. history.

Approximately one of every four adult Americans, some 50 million people in the United States alone have the worldview, values and lifestyle of the Cultural Creatives, with about 80-90 million in the European Union.

These individuals are now instituting a wave of progressive social, environmental, spiritual, and economic change.

Their power as a consumer market remains virtually untapped.

LOHAS describes a conservative estimate of these people to spend $228.9 billion and growing.

Our popularity was tested by one of our partner networks:

Our banners were listed for a short time on a partner website:

The results, “Fantastic!  You had 285,000 impressions and a 1.4 click through ratio.”

This was on a venue that we had never been on!  Our click through ratings were 6X over the national average.

Decision, Decisions, Decisions

In 2003, Dr. Pat had a vision to bring a new kind of talk radio to the forefront.  Women had literally left the radio scene by the MILLIONS! They’re back and with a force that is UNRECOGNIZABLE.  When we began to bring her dream to reality with new websites, high end host and sponsor content management, and 10 new channels each with their own unique brand of CONSCIOUSNESS, we did not know how absolutely on track we were. Below we are providing you with the latest information about listener trends and how ONLINE RADIO is NOW MAINSTREAM and we are The New Mainstream in Talk Radio.

Whatever You Think We Are…We Are MORE Than That

Years In The Making 

As the world shifts through these remarkable and fascinating times we are absolutely feeling it here at The Transformation Network as we are experiencing epic expansiveness at an unprecedented pace. This speaks volumes about the shift in our human consciousness as our desire for positive messages from all around the world increases.

At The Transformation Network you will find some of the world’s most preeminent visionaries, change makers, best-selling authors, motivational speakers, leading-edge scientists, futurists, world-renowned spiritual leaders, environmentalists, educators, inventors, filmmakers, artists, mystics, and healers that are stimulating and supporting individual and collective growth, positive cultural shifts, and making a meaningful difference in the world. There is a place for you here.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

The Transformation Network™ is loaded with innovative features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our sponsors,  hosts and co-hosts and integrate their feature requests into our planning and options. Our delivery and visibility features are not only built by us, but also by our hosts, sponsors, and co-hosts.