If you’re wondering whether to host your own show on TTR – do it!

I hosted Unstuck JOY without past radio experience and loved it. Dr. Pat worked with me to make sure my creative concept was on point. The producers pushed me past my creative boundaries in a nurturing manner that helped me grow and have more confidence. Who knew you could create art live on the radio? From promotion to show-day production, TTR is a pleasure to work with! -Vicki Todd

I am so touched and grateful for the excellent service and support I received from everyone there.  You have all totally exceeded my expectations.  The level of competence, understanding, and patience exceeds what I ever could have imagined.

I am so grateful I said “yes” to this offer!  Thank you!! – Donusia

I can’t thank this team enough. You’re knowledgeable, accommodating, helpful, and encouraging.
I would recommend you to everyone I know that is thinking of hosting a podcast!

Mega Blessings ~ Lisa

As we approach the launch of my first episode, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you. Since 2016, every interaction I’ve had with your team has been nothing short of professional, caring, and considerate. Your dedication and support in helping me prepare for the launch of my show have not gone unnoticed, and I am truly grateful for all the effort and energy you’ve invested.

In today’s fast-paced business world, finding partners who uphold their promises and maintain high integrity can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. I’ve experienced some serious losses along the way. Fortunately, my experience with your team has been a shining exception. I’ve never regretted investing in your services. You all put a smile on my heart!

Thank you for consistently demonstrating integrity and reaffirming my belief that genuine intentions drive exceptional businesses and remarkable individuals. YOU ALL ROCK! -Nicole Isler

“The TTR family has helped me immeasurably through the launch of the Cultural Brilliance brand, development of a social media platform, and access to a whole new level of people and resources. They’ve opened the door to a new world that has allowed me to broadcast the heart and soul of my message out into the world. Best of all, they are an amazing group of people: genuine, caring, creative, integrous, and fun. They are “can do” people and I can’t say enough about them. I am truly grateful and would highly recommend the TTR network.”

Claudette Rowley – Cultural Brilliance

“I have to share with you all that the phones were ringing off the hook today. We have not seen response like this since we have been doing the show. We had to ask other departments pitch in and help the customer service team answer the phone! Whatever you all did today, keep it up!

Congratulations again on your growth. We thank you for all of your support and we look forward to all that is to come.” -Carina

Transformation Talk Radio is an outstanding group of talented individuals that aid in providing the best format to reach millions of individuals by sharing the message for a positive and transformational life.  The Dr. Pat Show and Transformational Talk Radio has collected the best hosts, shows and continually seeks to bring thought leaders and coaches to help the listeners access tools and resources to transform lives and living experience.  As a host of a show, I have found that my affiliation with Dr. Pat and Transformational Talk Radio has expanded my reach in bringing the message of self-care and whole person transformation.    -Sabrina Wright Host of Live the GOOD Life Show

Co-Host Mary Jane Allen

“Well I’m going to be starting a show with Dr. Pat and her wonderful team coming in April. And it’s all about financial healing and moving beyond your fears and moving beyond what is holding you back in life. And that’s who I am at a deep level and it’s why I am a financial healer, it’s why I’m doing the work I do in my financial healing practice and my life purpose. And I want to thank Dr. Pat and all of her team for that.” 

“Within 72 hours of our interview with Dr. Pat, our subscriber list jumped dramatically and we had filled all of the FREE gift subscriptions from as far away as Hong Kong,UK and more. Two weeks later and we are still feeling the effects of our brief time with Dr. Pat. You go Dr. Pat –spreading inspiration and wisdom worldwide”

Linda Joy, aspire… Magazine

“I have had the pleasure of working with Pat and her team for close to five years now and LOVE working with them! When I need technical expertise, regarding computer and marketing material and other complicated matters or just a strong shoulder to lean on or to have a good laugh, I know they have my back and I can rely on them for sound advice.They GET it! and (bonus) me and my dragons!” -Colette

I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me to get this show off and running. This entire process has been so seamless for me thanks to all the amazing people at TTR, you guys are truly pro’s and I’m very grateful!” -Kelly Ballard, host of The Kelly Ballard Show

“Dr. Pat, thank you so much and really thank you for blazing the trail for women in talk radio. And just being such an inspiration to me and so many other people. What you’re doing is so awesome and without people like you there to really step out of the box and go for it, with the psychology background, I don’t know if someone like me would have ever ended up here but I’m so happy to be here and I want to thank you for everything you’re doing. You’re one of my major inspirations.” Dr. Kelly

“To tell you the truth, every person I’ve worked with, I have talked with through the network has just been incredibly professional and I just want to thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and your leadership. I love this network. And it is just such a privilege to be a part of it and to be a part the family.” -Eve

“Being on this show helped me so much too just feel that what I needed to and what I share with the world is important. And to you, Dr. Pat, as a supporter, your excitement and energy, your work really helped to put the word out and basically made my work global. She helped me to really be known all the way to India, all the way to Australia and work with people all over the world. I really contribute a lot to what we have been doing now for years together on this show and I just want to thank you for really inviting me to be a part of this. And I want to thank myself for making this choice. I’m certainly happy even though at the beginning, it scared me; it was exactly the right thing for me to do.”

-Dr. Friedemann Schaub

“Being a host on Transformation Talk Radio has been a truly life altering experience for me! I am now launched into a role where I interview the most prominent, intelligent, gifted authorities in the world, on all matters related to Lyme Disease, the epidemic illness of our era. To be sharing cutting edge information and inspiration is a gift. To have been positioned into the world of fame and sterling accomplishment is priceless. The entire team on the Dr Pat Show network are remarkable, helpful, creative folks. I have felt supported, guided and treated with great respect. This is a class act and a rare opportunity to do some ground breaking work, if you put your nose to the grindstone and follow their guidelines. Success is then inevitable!

I am flooded with emails and FB mssgs all week long from listeners chiming in on how much they love it!! YAY!!

What an experience this has been – I am in awe sometimes that I am doing this! Now world famous docs contacting me to come on!!”

Katina Makris

Karen Hager

“When I started working with Transformation Talk Radio, things really shot up to the next level! The coaching I’ve received from Dr. Pat has been invaluable, and I appreciate the many outlets to support and promote my message. I’ve made connections with guests, publicists, and other industry professionals, and some great working relationships have come from that. My on-air experience has been fabulous! I enjoy the challenge of crafting a good interview and making sure we are entertaining and enlightening listeners at the same time. The confidence and connection I’ve gained from my association with Transformation Talk Radio has helped me expand my business, and take my work to new heights.” Karen Hager

I have had amazing experiences coming into this family of the Transformation radio network. The main thing was for me, to really bring my message across in what I’m doing and how I am applying this. What are my gifts? What is it that I am sharing? And in the beginning, Pat helped to put this into perspective and many many people that come on the Transformation Radio network, they have this amazing opportunity where you have a professional person in the field doing this for over 10 years, knowing exactly what is important to put out there. I think the transformation Radio network gives a lot of healers, energy workers, nutritionist, astrologers, and all the people in the field an opportunity to broadcast that put knowledge out into the word;

Ataana Badilli

I want to take a moment for a bit of gratitude, not only for… you know, the big thing for me is, thank you thank you thank you for calling me up Shelly, and inviting me to come on to Transformation Talk Radio. I’m sure Dr. Pat and everybody else knew about it, and thank you Dr. Pat as well, and Linda Jesica Kim, everybody. Alex actually is here with us today, he’s my producer today. So thank you all, for being a part of my journey here. It’s very touching to me that I’m here, and I am very excited about being able to impart what I’ve learned over the years with everybody else.

Dave Dodge

“My special offer for the last show was to get 10 minutes of time with me at no charge. So the first 10 minutes of the appointment there’s no charge and you get the names of your angels, and you can ask about your life’s purpose, or you can get information or questions you’ve wondered about your whole life. And I’m just giving you that time so that you get acquainted with me, you see how productive the angels are and how much they can help you. But mostly it’s just something that I’m doing for you it’s just my gift to you. And I should say Dr. Pat it was extremely productive or successful I don’t know if it’s the right words but so many people called and took advantage of it and moved forward on their life and that makes me very proud and very happy that I can do that. Sue Storm

Sue Storm

Hey it’s so great to be on. You are my first radio show mentor and I’m so glad we had a great run with the empowered living radio show. We ran it for years. That radio show put me in contact with the guru of the gurus. I mean all the gurus and the New York Time’s Best Selling Authors and the masters of this and the manifesters of that and the spiritual this. With some of the best sellers whose books touched me and inspired me and after all these years the person I talk to is the realest. The woman, the empowered incredible woman that you all get to listen to, Dr. Pat Baccili because she was the most real. She didn’t tell me about any sort of magic. She said, “Just be yourself” and that wisdom and integrity behind those words and honesty behind those words is something that still sticks with me. And the few radio interviews that I do ever, I’m so happy to say are often conversations with you.

Steve Maraboli

“I just finished a session with a person from the UK. I asked how she found me. She had done some searches, and then said she listened to some podcasts from the Dr. Pat Show. She loves you! And, that’s how she found me. Wow!”

Leslie Fonteyne

I remember the excitement of beginning the process of creating my brand. Of course I needed a website! I was lost. I didn’t know how to create a website or who I could trust with taking my ideas and bringing them to life. Through a recommendation I hired a company. It wasn’t cheap. In total it was $5,000. When I received the finished product I can remember feeling disappointed. The pages were flat and lifeless.  In my mind and heart,  I envisioned people opening my website and being excited to learn about my business and about me. It was anything but that. I had to accept the product I had in front of me and move on,  since financially I was unable to pay for any redo’s and their position was “they took the content I gave them and put it on the site.”  Honestly, I didn’t have the heart or desire to work with the team a second time since they couldn’t take my ideas from my heart and transfer them to my media platform. Why would they get it right on the second go round. I had to accept the product.

Fast forward to meeting Dr. Pat and her team. We worked together on creating a radio show and slowly as one thing led to another, the idea of a new website came into discussion. The first step was viewing other websites the team had created. There were 3 I went to check out. Each one blew me away! That’s the reaction I dreamed about for mine! Each website I opened, I wanted to go from page to page; reading the services offered; learning about the person behind the site….I couldn’t contain my excitement. Then reality set in for me. I thought, if I paid $5,000 for what I have, these sites must be triple that. I hesitantly asked about pricing and couldn’t believe what I was quoted. I was in!!!

I worked with the team closely and they were always open to receiving my content and ideas. There was always an open line of communication. They wanted to know about my business, about me and my message to the world. I would just keep feeding them information and they would go to work. Helpful is an understatement. I pulled together several videos for the site and the quality was lost in transfer. Without hesitation, Jesica said let’s do it together and she helped me recreate each video!  She cared that everything would be perfect for the site. The team is full of professionalism and kindness. Everyone is in communication with each other about the projects they work on and have this perfect fluidity about them.  They work in perfect harmony.

I finally got to see the first pass at the site and I was literally blown away! Dr. Pat and her team took my words, my ideas and my business and brought it to life. It was everything I had dreamed about and so much more. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Pat and her team and will never forget the beautiful gift they have given me….my platform for my soul’s message.

Jen Zelop