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The Transformation Network is designed to attract the Cultural Creatives, a mass multi-generational cultural and lifestyle market unparalleled in U.S. history.

Approximately one of every four adult Americans, some 50 million people in the United States alone have the worldview, values and lifestyle of the Cultural Creatives, with about 80-90 million in the European Union.

Reaching 160+ Countries

These individuals are now instituting a wave of progressive social, environmental, spiritual, and economic change.

Their power as a consumer market remains virtually untapped.

LOHAS describes a conservative estimate of these people to spend $228.9 billion and growing.

Top 4 Locations

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Australia

Topics of Interest

  • Alternative Health
  • Self Improvement
  • Women’s Issues
  • Psychic Phenomenon
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

Age / Education / Finance

80% Women

  • College Grads 63%
  • Earn over 150K 36%
  • Employed Outside Home 51% | Self-Employed 45%
  • 25-35 30% | 35+ 70%

Our popularity was tested by one of our partner networks:

Our banners were listed for a short time on a partner website:

The results, “Fantastic!  You had 285,000 impressions and a 1.4 click through ratio.”

This was on a venue that we had never been on!  Our click through ratings were 6X over the national average.

Industry Reports / Demographics

Americans Are Listening: Affluent, Well-Educated, and Plug In from the Road

The majority of Americans (57 percent) say that technological change over the last ten years has had a positive impact on society; while only 15 percent say that it has had a negative impact. Leading the pack are the many ways technology has enabled people all over the world to tune in and turn on to and Podcasting has ARRIVED!

As a daily listener of podcasts, you listen to more podcast audio than any other form of audio, as the graph illustrates. For the first time, we can report that podcast listeners are now listening to more podcast audio than any other form of audio.  According to Edison Research, in the Spring study, podcasts were a close second to AM/FM radio, but today we see AM/FM fall to third amongst podcast listeners. This is up by 18%! Much of it is simply new listening, as podcast consumers continue to bring their podcasts with them into environments and settings where they previously might not have consumed audio.

There is another implication here, however, in the shift from AM/FM Radio to podcasts with these listeners: the importance of Talk programming and this may broaden the appeal of talk audio programming in general. Podcasting is a content play in its purest form–and as more and more Americans discover the medium, AND discover content that is compelling to them, we are going to continue to see interesting migrations in listening habits amongst these Americans.

Why You? Why Us? Why Now?

You are here for a reason. You are interested in learning what’s possible. We will become your radio family. If you want to get your message out to the masses and want to do it right, we are here to help. With the potential to reach millions of listeners across the globe you want an award winning team behind you that knows how to do this and do it well. The Transformation Radio Network team is here for YOU.

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Millions Listen Online Monthly

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Millions Listen Online Weekly

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They Listen in their Cars

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They Listen on their Smartphones

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Most Growth Seen in Podcasting

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Podcast Consumers Listen for Hours

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They are Affluent

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They are Smart

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They Love Social Media

Moms Are Setting New Listening Trends

Moms multi-task and are setting new listening records! Raising a family isn’t easy. That’s why Moms are continuously in search of the latest products, recipes, health and beauty essentials, wellness needs and consumer goods that will make a positive impact on their day-to-day lives. Mom in 2014 is connected and mobile.

Mobile devices allow Mom to: • Be online everywhere • Regularly interact with brands and retailers • Engage with other consumers • Leverage social media passion and usage • Be constantly accessible

• Majority of moms are over 35   • More than half of Moms are employed • Nearly all Moms have a cell phone (92%) • Mom remains ahead with smartphone ownership • Mom keeps her phone close • Mom is texting multiple times a day • Three in ten Moms turn to mobile while in car to hear online radio  • Online radio finds a place with Mom • 12 hours-4 minutes on average spent weekly with online radio • Almost all Moms are online  • Mom’s  Facebook access is more mobile than others

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