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Do you have a message and service that is transforming lives?

  • Do you have a desire to speak to larger audiences?
  • Are you juggling too many projects right now?
  • Do you find it exhausting trying to keep up with the latest marketing tactics?
  • Are you doing everything yourself?
  • Are you reaching the right potential clients?

We offer a platform that honors your uniqueness, your business, your vision, and we can help connect the dots so you can work smarter, not harder.

I am so touched and grateful for the excellent service and support I received from everyone there.  You have all totally exceeded my expectations.   The level of competence, understanding, and patience exceeds what I ever could have imagined.  

I am so grateful I said “yes” to this offer!  Thank you!! – Donusia

From Your Voice, to Their Ears,

And into Their Hearts

Join us to Transform, Inspire, Educate, and Create a Better World.

We can: Amplify your message, touch the lives of countless individuals, and provide the unwavering support necessary for your continued growth and success.

“Being part of The Transformation Network has transformed my confidence, my clarity around my business, and given me the opportunity to reach so many more than I could have done alone. Who knew? I had never thought I’d want to have a podcast, and here I am loving every minute of this.” 

Let’s talk if:

You want to build authority, trust, and visibility for your brand and business

You have tried social media, live streams, podcasting, or blogging with little results

You want to streamline your marketing efforts to focus more on your clients

Your vision aligns with speaking to larger audiences, publishing books, generating courses or connecting to more clients

You want to be part of a community of like-minded and engaged people

You are open to expanding on a personal level while also expanding your business

Imagine showing up just 1-2 times per month for a 30-minute session to share your expertise. From that single session, our team will create:

  • A live-streamed video and podcast distributed to over 50 platforms.
  • 4-8 social media shorts and graphics.
  • An SEO-friendly blog summary.
  • Content for your newsletter.

All of this will automatically have the potential to reach over 500,000 people!

A Customized Approach

Schedule a free consult so we can understand your vision and goals and make an honest assessment as to whether we can help.

We’ve helped our clients achieve:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Clear audience targeting and niche definition
  • Book publishing and promotion to best-seller status
  • Podcast sponsorship
  • Improved client retention and growth
  • Successful speaking engagements
  • Enhanced SEO and website design
  • Comprehensive social media management

Let us take care of the technicalities while you focus on what you do best — sharing your genius with the world.

What Our Hosts Have to Say

“Dr. Pat and her team took my words, my ideas and my business and brought it to life. It was everything I had dreamed about and so much more. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Pat and her team and will never forget the beautiful gift they have given me….my platform for my soul’s message.” – Jen Zelop

“Transformation Talk Radio is an outstanding group of talented individuals that aid in providing the best format to reach millions of individuals by sharing the message for a positive and transformational life. The Dr. Pat Show and Transformational Talk Radio has collected the best hosts, shows and continually seeks to bring thought leaders and coaches to help the listeners access tools and resources to transform lives and living experience. As a host of a show, I have found that my affiliation with Dr. Pat and Transformational Talk Radio has expanded my reach in bringing the message of self-care and whole person transformation.” -Sabrina Wright Host of Live the GOOD Life Show

Thank YOU For Considering Us

To Take the Next Expansive Leap Forward in YOUR Journey