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I have had amazing experiences coming into this family of the Transformation network. The main thing was for me, to really bring my message across in what I’m doing and how I am applying this. Dr. Pat helped to put this into perspective. I think the transformation network gives a lot of healers, energy workers, nutritionist, astrologers, and all the people in the field an opportunity to broadcast their knowledge out into the word.

Pat and her team took my words, my ideas and my business and brought it to life. It was everything I had dreamed about and so much more. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Pat and her team and will never forget the beautiful gift they have given me….my platform for my soul’s message.

Transformation Talk Radio is an outstanding group of talented individuals that aid in providing the best format to reach millions of individuals by sharing the message for a positive and transformational life.  The Dr. Pat Show and Transformational Talk Radio has collected the best hosts, shows and continually seeks to bring thought leaders and coaches to help the listeners access tools and resources to transform lives and living experience.  As a host of a show, I have found that my affiliation with Dr. Pat and Transformational Talk Radio has expanded my reach in bringing the message of self-care and whole person transformation.