When you are in the business of selling airtime on a radio station whether that be terrestrial or internet/digital a question we often get asked is “Why would I pay for radio?” Dr. Pat Baccili, owner/founder of Transformation Radio and host of The Dr. Pat Show has a great answer.

“I don’t know why YOU would pay for radio, but I can tell you why I did 15 years ago and still do today. Plus I can tell you why some of our hosts, co-hosts, and sponsors have.”

Dr. Pat dialed a wrong phone number in 2003 , which happened to be an internet radio station. It took her no time at all to hear that message from the universe about what she was called to do. Prior to making that phone call she had written on the back of her business card that she wanted to reach 1 million people and help them live life full out. She wanted to help people get past limiting beliefs, and bust through the crust that was holding them back. (The name of her original show was “Crustbusting Your Way To an Awesome Life”) This was the universe telling her how she would get that done. She did that in her first year on the air.  So… Why would YOU pay for radio? Here are a few reasons Dr. Pat and others in the past have.

You don’t have to do EVERYTHING yourself!

Paying for a team of professionals who will not only produce great sounding and looking content for you is a big selling point. Not only does Transformation Radio do the full production, we also distribute your content to over 90 outlets and market you to an existing audience of 4 million eyes/ears every month!

Access to AM/FM/Cable Radio for additional promotion!

The Transformation Talk Radio network is partially broadcast across AM/FM and Cable radio, which means your show and business will be promoted via commercials on all of our affiliates.

Get coaching from an award winning team!

The Transformation Talk Radio team is a Stevie Award winning team for Best Management Team! You also get mentored by Dr. Pat personally where she teaches you everything she’s learned about the business in 15 years. Wondering how to monetize your podcast or radio show? We can help.

Utilize radio as a tool for re-purposing content!

What do you mean re-purpose content? Have you ever thought about writing a book and then realized, “I hate to write”. You can use your radio shows as content for your book, we can help you do that. Maybe your SEO person told you that you  need a blog, your radio shows can become that content too. Maybe you want to create an entire audio training course, your radio shows can become that too. We live in the world of unlimited possibilities, as Dr. Pat so famously says “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” 

With 15 years in the business and over 85% renewal rate for hosts, we believe radio and podcasting can be an incredible tool for reaching new potential clients. The most important thing is to make sure you are reaching the right people, that is why Transformation Talk Radio works hard to maintain a reputation with some of the best listeners on the planet who want to hear about: spirituality, wellness, holistic solutions, self-improvement, and conscious business.

Here’s the short list of what we include with every hosting package.

  • Live in-studio producer
  • Live stream OR pre-recorded segments
  • 800 # for live callers
  • Live stream video to Facebook
  • Video distribution to YouTube
  • Podcast editing
  • Podcast distribution to all major outlets: iTunes, GooglePlay, iHeart, SoundCloud (90 total places)
  • Professional production & voice over for show opener & closer
  • Professional production & voice over for commercials
  • Commercials airing 5x per week across online/AM/FM stations
  • Interview on #1 rated The Dr. Pat Show
  • Radio coaching
  • Radio show branding
  • Technical training
  • Graphic design for show cover art
  • Press release & distribution
  • Custom host profile with links to your site
  • On-going social media promotion
  • On-going promotion in e-blast
  • Promotion of your events
  • Promotion of your services/products
  • You own all of your content
  • SEO analysis of your site
  • Website promotional banners