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Richly Abundant Women – From Yearning to Powerfully Earning with Julie Steelman: Creating Cash Flow

Compassionately Challenging times call for compassionate and courageous efforts. In this episode, Julie shares the 5 steps you can use to create cash flow quickly, especially during a crisis, economic downturns and personally challenging times. Learn why it is so important for you to ensure your financial well-being now and discover an easy way to design a much-needed, well-received offer. In addition, Julie will share how to be sensitive, empathetic and effective in serving others when presenting your offers to them. Listen in to feel confident about how to move your business forward when it might seem uncomfortable to do so. Episode giveaways: Struggling to breakthrough financially? Download this powerful workbook to shift your money story quickly and powerfully. In three quick steps, you can move from yearning to powerfully earning.…

Julie Steelman