Celebrating 20 Years & Paying it Forward

Our vision is to transform the world, one listener at a time. We want to work with the most inspiring heart-led individuals like you, who want to be part of creating a better world! Do you have a message in your heart to share? Join us in celebrating 20-years of positive talk!

From Your Voice, to Their Ears,

And into Their Hearts

Join us to Transform, Inspire, Educate, and Create a Better World.

We work with heart-centered voices who want to change the world. Our mission is to reach as many people, in as many places,  in as many formats as possible to help them step into their full potential and live the best life possible. 

We’ve Been Doing This

12+ years

Powerfully Produced

380+ shows

“Being part of The Transformation Network has transformed my confidence, my clarity around my business, and given me the opportunity to reach so many more than I could have done alone. Who knew? I had never thought I’d want to have a podcast, and here I am loving every minute of this.” 

What Our Hosts Have to Say

“Dr. Pat and her team took my words, my ideas and my business and brought it to life. It was everything I had dreamed about and so much more. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Pat and her team and will never forget the beautiful gift they have given me….my platform for my soul’s message.” – Jen Zelop

“Transformation Talk Radio is an outstanding group of talented individuals that aid in providing the best format to reach millions of individuals by sharing the message for a positive and transformational life. The Dr. Pat Show and Transformational Talk Radio has collected the best hosts, shows and continually seeks to bring thought leaders and coaches to help the listeners access tools and resources to transform lives and living experience. As a host of a show, I have found that my affiliation with Dr. Pat and Transformational Talk Radio has expanded my reach in bringing the message of self-care and whole person transformation.” -Sabrina Wright Host of Live the GOOD Life Show

“I hosted Unstuck JOY without past radio experience and loved it. Dr. Pat worked with me to make sure my creative concept was on point. The producers pushed me past my creative boundaries in a nurturing manner that helped me grow and have more confidence. Who knew you could create art live on the radio? From promotion to show-day production, TTR is a pleasure to work with!” -Vicki Todd

60-90-Day Accelerated Expansion Service + Live Online TV Streaming

What’s Included?

It’s a customized solution tailored to help you achieve your goals efficiently, whether you’re just starting out or already established.

You’ll gain access to our award-winning team with extensive experience producing and marketing live streaming videos and podcasts across diverse niches. We’ll offer feedback, support, and industry best practices to ensure your show is a powerful tool to help you reach your bigger vision.

3 – 30 minute one on one coaching with Dr. Pat

  • Defining your show brand, how this helps your overall brand and visibility
  • Host strategy, who you are as a host, your style and personality
  • Episode format, creating engaging content and how to keep people interested

5 – 30 minute one on one with TTN Production Team

  • Technical consulting for best audio & video quality
  • Marketing strategy and best practices for promoting your shows
  • Training on entering your show notes into the dashboard for best promotion & SEO
  • Dress rehearsal of your show with producer prior to launch
  • Additional phone/zoom and email support with team as needed

Distinction Design & Delivery

  • Graphic design to brand your show – thumbnails for podcast outlets & YouTube, promo material for social media and website.
  • Scripting for the show intro/outro/promo
  • Voiceover and music mix for the show intro/outro/promo
  • Custom branded professional video opener
  • Pre-promotion for your launch in press release, newsletter, social media, and TTN website

Also Includes

  • Setting up your host & show profiles with links to your website, social media, and offerings
  • Creating your branded podcast profile on Spotify, Apple, iHeart, Audible, etc…
  • “How-to” manual with elements for developing and promoting your show
  • Listing in guest database for interview opportunities

After 60-90 Days… Your High Visibility Plan

Live Streaming Online TV and as a bonus we setup, host & distribute your Podcast for FREE!

  • Real-time production of live streaming videos by a dedicated producer across TTN to an audience of 500,000+ monthly viewers.
  • Postproduction services including video & podcast edits.
  • Your show live streams again as a replay 2x per episode for additional exposure.
  • Your branded podcast is distributed to all major podcast outlets under your name and your brand to grow your own independent audience.
  • Your show commercial is rotated across the entire TTN show schedule for more promotion and exposure to build your audience.
  • You receive audio and video links to put on your own website and social platforms.
  • You receive transcripts of each episode to repurpose content.

Prices customized based on frequency & length of show. Special Offer includes 3 months FREE when paying 6 months in advance (total 9 months) or 6 months FREE when paying 12 months in advance (total 18 months) – Savings range from $2000 +

Thank YOU For Considering Us

To Take the Next Expansive Leap Forward in YOUR Journey