Why Choose The Transformation Network?

We are an award winning team! We care about connecting with the hearts and minds of our listeners through storytelling, education, information, and empowerment. We believe you can grow organically and create a ripple effect if you just have the right, authentic strategy behind reaching potential clients.

“The fact that you started with this platform 10 years ago and it’s really thriving…is so beautiful. I listen to you speak and one of the things that I really in these short 10-15 minutes have really enjoyed. One person said to me, “Heather you are one of the most irreverently, reverent people I’ve ever met.” And I think I just met my team player with that.”
Heather Beck McCloskey

Our Ideal Host or Co-Host

  • You have a desire in your heart and soul to share the knowledge, wisdom, and tools you’ve gained throughout your life because you want to be in service to a better world.
  • You believe in yourself and your message, even if you may need some guidance on how to deliver it.
  • You are willing to show up for yourself, for your message, and for the world.
  • You are open to having an incredible transformation personally and professionally and are open to how that can unfold in unexpected ways.
  • You are not afraid to put in the work and the effort it takes to develop a powerful media presence. You are willing to trust our process and work hand-in-hand with our team.

Hosting or Co-Hosting Features

Coaching and mentoring from award winning Transformation Team

    • Branding support for show
    • Technology training and consulting
    • Strategy sessions for content repurposing to blogs, books, articles, YouTube, training courses, etc…

Professionally produced live or prerecorded shows

    • Facebook Live broadcasts
    • Live call in or pre-recorded formats
    • Options for monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly
    • Options for 30 or 60 minute shows
    • Podcast feature replays during week and weekends
    • Distribution of show to major podcasting outlets
    • Podcast listing of each show
    • Professionally produced show openers and closers
    • Custom show graphics
    • You own your content

Marketing your show and your business

  • Customizable host profile page
  • Social media marketing of show
  • Professionally produced commercials for show
  • Professionally produced commercials for your business
  • Commercials played across entire network plus Dr. Pat Show Network including multiple AM/FM stations
  • Email blasts to over 10K subscribers
  • Ongoing promotion of your events, programs, and special offers

Pricing varies in 6 or 12 month packages. Email us and we’ll find your perfect solution! [email protected]

AND… That’s Not All We Do! 

  • Consulting for your business & brand
  • Media coaching with Dr. Pat
  • Website design
  • Social media account management
  • Content editing for repurposing your shows! IE blogs, clips for social media
  • SEO
  • Special live event production: Webinars, Online Workshops, Summits
  • Photo editing & graphic design
  • Video editing: speaker demo reels, sizzle reels, highlights
  • Media marketing kits: Speaker kit, sponsor kit, book proposals

We are here to serve as your one-stop-shop to elevate your voice, your brand and your business. Schedule a consult to see how we can best serve your mission.

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“Being a host on Transformation Talk Radio has been a truly life altering experience for me! I am now launched into a role where I interview the most prominent, intelligent, gifted authorities in the world, on all matters related to Lyme Disease, the epidemic illness of our era. To be sharing cutting edge information and inspiration is a gift. To have been positioned into the world of fame and sterling accomplishment is priceless. The entire team on the Dr Pat Show network are remarkable, helpful, creative folks. I have felt supported, guided and treated with great respect. This is a class act and a rare opportunity to do some ground breaking work, if you put your nose to the grindstone and follow their guidelines. Success is then inevitable!
I am flooded with emails and FB mssgs all week long from listeners chiming in on how much they love it!! YAY!!

What an experience this has been – I am in awe sometimes that I am doing this! Now world famous docs contacting me to come on!!”

Katina Makris, Host of Lyme Light Radio

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